“I would like to thank everyone at Innovative Recruiting Solutions, Inc.  You all were absolutely amazing!  Thanks for all of your help.  I love my new job. I would definitely recommend you to anyone.  Special thanks to Linda Hoeflich…you were SUPER.  Everyone was very professional.”
Thank you,
-Sabrina (Candidate)

“Innovative Recruiting Solutions Inc. is by far the BEST recruiting and placement agency I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Linda, the President of Innovative, is a true professional and went above and beyond as she worked closely with me to find a great job in less than a week! Her personalized attention (i.e. updating my resume, interviewing tips via email, follow up and returning phone calls, etc.) was very impressive. I cannot thank Linda enough for helping me in my job search. Don’t waste your time dealing with job placement agencies who don’t return your calls, don’t value your skills, and provide sub-par service, if any. I would definitely recommend Innovative Recruiting Solutions to anyone seeking employment. Thank you, Linda, and the staff at Innovative!”
Chris (Candidate)

“I have used Innovative to hire several technicians within my group.  Innovative has had more success at providing candidates with the right skills than all of the other recruiting agencies combined. Their applicants are hard workers and are very professional.  It has been a pleasure working with Linda and Innovative.”
Scott (Client)

“I have been working with Innovative for about two months now; they have worked with honesty and integrity to help me find employment. I am impressed with the speed in which they have worked to find employment that fits my needs financially and matches my personal skill sets. I have worked with other staffing company’s in the past but Innovative is by far a cut above. “
Tony (Candidate)

“I applied for a position at Innovative and was almost floored when I was reached out to by the recruiter and he took the time to go over my resume and ensure it was solid to present. This never happens I got the job and have since been directly hired by the company. I am truly grateful.”
Jim (Candidate)

“Linda has been providing my company with technicians for nearly 15 years. She and her staff are tireless when it comes to searching out and sending to us those with the qualifications to do the job. Their response time with eligible candidates has been awesome.”
John (Client)

“Innovative Recruiting Solutions, Inc. was great to work with.  After a thorough inventory of my skills, they helped me find a great job opportunity that matched my skills and interests.  The “Job Tips and Interviewing Techniques” they sent to me before my interview, definitely helped in calming those “pre-interview jitters.”

“I reviewed them before going to my interview and within a couple of days I had landed a great job!”

“Innovative Recruiting Solutions, Inc. made me feel valued as a potential job candidate and most importantly, followed up with me after my interview.  I found this personalized attention refreshing and impressive. My overall experience was positive, and I would definitely recommend Innovative Recruiting Solutions, Inc. to anyone who may seeking a new employment opportunity.”
J. Wilson (Candidate)

“Linda is a true professional, she made a stressful search for a job in a dismal economy so easy for me.”
Thank You,
-Dave M (Candidate)

“Innovative Recruiting Solutions Inc. is a professional agency with integrity. The team at innovative goes above and beyond to provide excellent service and communication to their employees. They offer real opportunities with world class companies. From my interview to my hire date, innovative delivered exactly what was promised. They streamline all paper work and payroll for an easy no nonsense transition. I have complete confidence in them and would welcome the opportunity to work with them in the future.”
-Don S. (Candidate)

“My experience with Innovative Recruiting Solutions, Inc. has been excellent, as they have been very professional in their dealings with me and my new company. James the Managing Partner, matched my education, work experience, and skills with an outstanding Accounting opportunity with a company that’s a perfect fit. The company is medium sized and growing with an Accounting team I enjoy working with. I would recommend Innovative Recruiting Solutions to any individual seeking a good fit for their background and skills.”
John (Candidate)

“I have worked with Innovative for placement and as a hiring manager. Linda worked hard to find me a position that fit, always ready to offer advice on my resume and interviews. As a manager, Innovative was able to present qualified candidates that met our specific needs. You can tell when someone cares about what they are doing, very professional.”
Brian G. (Candidate)

“I am extremely pleased with the services that Innovative Recruiting Solutions provided in helping me find a job. Not only was the representative, Linda, very personable, she gave me great advise for my resume, and through the interview process. She was able to find a company that needed someone with my background, and I even started at a higher pay rate than I was previously earning. I cannot thank Innovative Recruiting Solutions enough for helping me in my job search.”
-Debbie C. (Candidate)

“The staff Innovative Recruiting are wonderful. Personalized attention, knowledgeable and responsive are only some of what you will receive and that is very comforting during a job transition. I am very happy I met Jim, Linda and Tiffany and would highly recommend anyone to contact them if you are looking for a job or a company looking to fill a position.”
JPRogers (Candidate)

“Innovative Recruiting is an amazing company to work for. I absolutely love working for this company! I have worked with many temp agencies and have never had a wonderful experience like I have had with Innovative. The staff is amazing and are always available for their employees, day or night. I wish I knew about Innovative years ago. I definitely give Innovative 5 stars!”

“Thank you Linda and Tiffany who I have worked very closely with over the past few months. You two are amazing individuals and have made my employment with Innovative especially well. Thank you to everyone at Innovative Recruiting Solutions.”
Sincerely Yours,
-Tammy (Candidate)

“Innovative Recruiting Solutions was very instrumental in helping me to land a great job. They work with you to find the right opportunity and keep you informed of the hiring process every step of the way. Every interaction I had with Innovative Recruiting Solutions was professional and pleasant.  They are extremely on top of things, right down to getting your paycheck on time each week!  I have friends right now who are job searching and I have recommended Innovative Recruiting as an excellent hiring agency to work with.  Thanks, Innovative for helping me to land a great job!”
Jen (Candidate)

“The staff at Innovative Recruiting Solutions is by far the best job placement agency I’ve had the chance to deal with. Not only do they return your calls, but they also keep you informed on any upcoming prospects. They are by far the most professional agency out there. Call any other agency and see how long it takes them to get back to you. Then call Innovative….5 stars out of 5…!”
Paul (Candidate)

“I would like to thank Innovative for all their efforts with finding my new employment opportunity and want to compliment them on their professionalism and attention to detail. They are one of the best recruiters I have worked with ever. I like their personality and dedication and wish Linda success in all she does, both professionally and personally.”
– Michael (Candidate)